What HERA is here for ?

Supporting Humanitarian Emergency Response in Africa

HERA is involved in making the humanitarian ecosystem a more coherent and effective system, and by doing so, we work on :

  • The Shift of Power

    We believe this shift of power will lead to a new humanitarian ERA, where local actors are empowered, have strengthened capacity and hold decision-making influence to respond to different crises. Building community resilience and fostering local initiatives is one of our core objectives.

  • Community resilience

    We encourage local actors, mainly local communities, local organizations and local authorities to take the lead on supporting the development of their territories. We ensure that communities are the first to be involved in emergencies and development programs to develop a more inclusive aid system.

  • New ways of working

    We like to think that we can all reimagine the way humanitarian actors are working together, fostering a better coordination and coherence in the development of programs. We strongly believe that networks and consortiums can help to reach those objectives, offering better capacities and experience-sharing practices to have a more powerful impact.

  • Contextualization

    We focus our work on a better understanding of the local trends and dynamics in each area affected by a crisis. We encourage the accessibility of data and maps, believing that technology can support the major shift of the humanitarian system, to evaluate the needs, understand the complexities of local situations and anticipate the risks and the crises.

What about projects ?

Our Recent Projects

The Ebola Response Project Following the spread of Ebola in West and Central Africa

An Ebola outbreak was declared on February in Guinea and Democratic Republic of the Congo. National governments, WHO, Africa CDC and international and local NGOs are fully focused on containing the spread of the EVD outbreak.

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The Covid-19 Data Project Providing reliable data to aid actors to support the Covid-19 response

The Covid-19 data project was launched in March 2020 to support the response of international and local organizations. Our teams are working to find reliable sources and update our datasets to provide aggregated and disaggregated data of the pandemic in Africa to the world.

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